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Android is mostly known for that little green alien-looking robot, but it’s actually an operating system for a touch screen mobile device. Android may be on one the world's most widely used smartphones systems because it gives users a viable choice being one of the technology companies opting for low-cost, budget -friendly high tech devices. The options for Android devices range in a wide variety of smartphones or tables with custom personalization options and ease of use when multitasking.

One of the more affordable smartphones

Take for instance the Android MyTouch Q. The MyTouch is very affordable when it comes to smartphones. It has great 4G download and upload speeds, the keyboard is comfortable to use, and it fits fingers well for typing purposes. The phone’s camera is remarkable because the flash is especially bright in order to make sure the photo you shot is crisp and clear.

While the Android MyTouch Q is a nice starter smartphone, there are a few problems that need to be addressed. If you heed some words of caution, your experience with the MyTouch Q can be a long and happy one together. After a few months of using the phone, there have been a few things I have been experienced. The battery doesn’t hold a charge for more than 3-4 hours, compared to 8-10 hours in the beginning after initial purchase so make sure you charge the phone often.

If there are too many applications, games, photos, etc. on the phone, it only takes one bad program to cause all kinds of loading problems with the phone. A few of the other issues I have noticed are dropped phone calls, stalled phone calls, and the phone shutting off on its own (spooky). This mostly happens during phone calls, after the phone call has ended, or when the line stays on not allowing the other party to hang up.

Keep those problems in check

These problems aren’t too bad, if you’re careful about what apps you download to your phone, you can avoid these types of problems. Make sure that you never download more than one program in a day. This way, if there’s an issue with a program, you know exactly which program it is and you can uninstall it bringing your phone back to its previous performance levels. If you experience any of the above issues, you should probably call your phone provider to get some necessary assistance.

Make sure the programs that you download have at least a three star rating and over 50,000 downloads. This research will help you determine if an app is worth enough risk to be downloaded to your phone. Also, it’s a good idea to turn your phone off at least once a day because it will help keep your phone running in top shape. While there are problems with everything, if you keep the problems in check on your Android MyTouch Q, things will run more smoothly.

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Written by author Ben Tanner, sharing his interest of mobile accessories and new technology.

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  1. Guys. This phone isn't supposed to be for you. Its for people that just want a simple decent smart phone for a great price.


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